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Mission Statement

Soft-IT mission is to develop state-of-the-art and easy to use software solutions for optimum consumer’s satisfaction for the global market by employing the latest available technology through the effort of a smart and dedicated team.

Soft-IT Consultants International seeks to be a leading global computer software engineering firm, which exceeds the consumers’ expectations by providing advanced and easy to use software solutions using state-of-the-art technology through its highly skilled and dedicated team.

These solutions include software products and related services like consultancy, networking, training and support.

We believe in the following values to guide our conduct within the company and toward our valued customers:

– Honesty – Respect – Empathy – Fairness – Integrity – Trust.

We commit to timely deliver high quality software, support and provide regular upgrades backed by comprehensive training.

We are committed to maintain a high level of professionalism through teamwork and constant innovation.

The Chief Executive Officer



Summary of the Company’s Background.

Soft-IT Consultants International (Soft-IT) is a software engineering and Information Technology (IT) consulting firm whose area of expertise is in developing user-oriented, customized software solutions for small, medium and large scale organizations. Soft-IT started its operations on 01st August 2001 with its Head Quarters based in Zimbabwe, Africa. Soft-IT has business partners in various parts of Africa and Europe.

Since its inception, Soft-IT has become one of the most successful IT companies in Zimbabwe. Soft-IT’s success is based entirely on its ability to meet the requirements of its customers dependably and cost effectively.

Through its extensive and up-to-date knowledge in Information Systems, Soft-IT has the necessary competencies and the qualified experience to effectively and timely deliver first grade IT solutions.

Software Engineering.

As a software engineering firm, Soft-IT employs best practices for developing modern, high quality applications that reflect international standards from a programming and usability perspective. The process of software engineering adopted by Soft-IT is professional and guides its valued clients through the phases of analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.

In-house professionals provide users of the software with training, support and guidance thereby maintaining a high level of communication with clients throughout the system development life cycle.


As a consulting firm, Soft-IT provides specialized consultancy in Information Technology and Enterprise Business Solutions. IT solutions range from Wide Area Networking to all aspects of software engineering (Software Architecture, Programming, Database Administration, Website design, etc.)

Soft-IT consulting services cover, but are not limited to the following:

  • IT Solution
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networking
  • Business Administration (Strategic Management, Human Resource Management)


Soft-IT specializes in the following technologies:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • C#, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Desktop, Web, and Mobile Programming
  • Responsive, Dynamic and Static Websites
  • Electronic Payments, Fiscalization
  • Microsoft-based Collaboration Solutions (SharePoint, Outlook, Exchange)
  • Business Intelligence
  • SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird, MySQL, and other DBMSs


Since its inception, Soft-IT has developed the following software products:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (Human Resource Management, Balanced Scorecard, Material Management, Property Management, Geographical Information System, and more)
  • Standalone Software (Payroll, Hotel Management, Demurrage)
  • Web-based and Web-enabled applications
  • Interface and data exchange with Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Interface data Exchange with Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Desktop applications with latest Microsoft Office look and feel


Soft-IT provides services in the areas of IT Consultancy, Seminars, Workshops, IT and Business Training, IT Outsourcing, Website Design and Development, and Software Technical Support, Payroll Bureau.

Training Capabilities.

Over the past 17 years, Soft-IT has offered numerous training programs to more than 400 professionals, ranging from company executives to IT personnel, in close to 100 companies, organizations and business units.

By its second year of business, Soft-IT had become the first Borland Delphi Training Partner in Zimbabwe. A few years later, the company was contracted through an informal tender to train 8 officials of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) on the Delphi programming language during the transition to the VAT Taxation system.

Moreover, over 90% of the personnel trained by Soft-IT, known as Soft-IT Training Alumni, have gone on to distinguish themselves in successful IT professions, locally, regionally, and internationally. Those trained during their employment at Soft-IT include former IT staff, university attaches and graduate trainees with a minimum employment tenure of ten months.

Upon an organization's request, a Training Bootcamp can be organized for Resource Development that maximizes IT skills for the enhancement of the company’s performance.

Team Collaboration Solutions.

Team collaboration is one of most crucial aspects of achieving success in the modern business environment. Vast majority of projects require assembling a team to tackle the tasks together.

To avoid miscommunications and frustrations, team members need to have a system in place that enable them to be more productive. Soft-IT provides products and services that ensure that a team works effectively. These solutions provide support for ease of communication, access to information, and content management.

Soft-IT team collaboration solutions are based on Soft-IT products and Microsoft collaboration platform solutions such as SharePoint, Exchange, Outlook, Lync and other Office products. Soft-IT products integrate with Microsoft solutions to provide the best fit for organizations' tailor made business requirements. Soft-IT products are designed with the assumption that you will share data and reports with your coworkers, managers, partners, vendors, and others. This effective collaboration helps manage time, set goals, facilitate decisions, and gather opinions.

Websites and Mobile Apps

Dynamic Responsive Websites.

Soft-IT develops modern responsive and dynamics websites as illustrated in the figures on the previous page. We apply leading best practices to deliver attractive and fast loading websites on any modern device – desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Mobile Applications.

The figures bellow illustrate our latest design for multi-device applications.

Our Clients

Soft-IT has rendered services over the years to more than 50 renowed organizations.

50+ company clients


Founder Profile

Soft-IT is backed-up by a Chief Executive who has strong IT and management skills and who has worked for over a decade in international organizations and provided them with networking, software development, training, and general IT solutions. This includes the United Nations, the USAID, and COMESA.

Following is a summarized profile of the founder of Soft-IT, Mr. K. Kensela.

  • MSc. Engineering – 1986
  • 28 years of professional experience, 23 years experience in Information Technology and worked 12 years for the United Nations as a Computer Expert
  • Actively involved in projects for organizations such as the World Bank, USAID and COMESA while working with the United Nations
  • International Labor Organization (ILO) certificates in MBA courses (Strategic Management, Human Resource management, Marketing, Finance Management, Operations)
  • Software Architect and Full Stack Programmer
  • Working experience in Balanced Scorecard (Strategy Execution)
  • Actively worked in many countries in Africa and Europe
  • Attended several Information Technology and Telecommunications trainings
  • Ability to work with people of different cultures and nationalities
  • Fluent in English, French (first language), basic German, Swahili and able to communicate in many African languages

Why Do Business with Soft-IT?

Today’s world is a world of constant turbulences, rapid market change, increasingly demanding customers, and global competition. Information technology is at the center of our daily activities. You need a reliable and professional IT solution provider to help you climb and stay above the challenges of the 21st century.

Soft-IT has provided professional services and IT solutions to several local, regional and international organizations.

The Soft-IT competitive advantage has been exceptional thanks to its constant pursue of excellence in the following areas:

  • Use of modern software development tools
  • Very good research and development
  • High product quality
  • Fast application development
  • Fast application development
  • Constant innovation
  • Outstanding After Sales Services

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