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Overview of our products

Software Products

Over the years, Soft-IT has developed the following software products. Few of the products are in their alpha and beta versions.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

      01. Prime HR™: Human Resource Management Information System

      02. Prime BSC™: Balanced Scorecard (Strategic Management)

      03. Prime PF™: Pension Funds Administration

      04. Prime PM™: Real Estate Propery Management

      05. Prime PAY™: Payroll Administration (Beta version)

      06. Prime MM™: Material Management (Inventory)

      07. Prime AC™: Accounting (Beta version)

      08. Prime LV™: Leave (vacation) Management (Beta version)

      09. Prime GIS™: Geographical Information System

      10. Prime GEO™: Demographic Scorecard

    Count: 10
  • Web Applications

      11. Resulta™: Result Based Management Scorecard

      12. Flow™: Supply Chain Collaboration (Alpha version)

      13. Geo™: Demographic Scorecard (Alpha version)

      14. Apprize™: Accounting (Alpha version)

    Count: 4
  • Other

      15. Smart Executive™: Human Resource Management Information System

      16. GoldenPay™: Payroll Administration

      17. Hotelier™: Front-office Hotel Management

      18. Trailer™: Road Cargo Tracking

      19. Perfect Student™: Training Center Management

      20. Broker™: Insurance Brokering

      21. and some others...

    Count: 6

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